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Use cases

Scaling Java applications

Redis based objects, collections, locks, synchronizers and services required for distributed applications on Java.


Redis based cache implementations for Java like JCache API, Hibernate 2nd Level Cache, Spring Cache and application level caching.

Data source caching

Redis based Java cache for databases, web services or any other data source using Read-Through, Write-Through and Write-Behind strategies.

Distributed Java tasks scheduling and execution

Task processing on Java might be run in parallel with Redis based distributed implementations of ExecutorService and ScheduledExecutorService.

Distributed data processing

Java based MapReduce programming model to process large amount of data stored in Redis.

Easy Redis Java client

Redisson is the most advanced and easiest Redis Java client. It has zero learning curve thus you don't need to know any Redis commands to start work with it.

Web session clustering

Load balancing of user sessions with Redis based Tomcat Session Manager and Spring Session implementations.


Redis based reliable Java microservices communication using RPC, messaging and cache.


Redis based Java message broker for Pub/Sub and Stream messaging.


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