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Redis Java client and In-Memory Data Grid

The Grid: a place of infinite possibility -- Kevin Flynn

Redisson empowers Java applications with Redis for companies from small startups to big enterprises.

Use cases

Distributed Java applications

Redisson provides distributed implementation of Redis based objects, collections, locks, synchronizers and services required for distributed applications on Java.


Redisson offers different Redis based cache implementations for Java like JCache API, Hibernate 2nd Level Cache, Spring Cache and application level caching.

Data source caching

Redisson supports read/write Redis based Java cache for databases, web services or any other data source using Read-Through, Write-Through and Write-Behind strategies.

Distributed Java tasks
scheduling and execution

Task processing on Java at some point may be split and processed in parallel. Redisson provides Redis based distributed implementations of ExecutorService and ScheduledExecutorService on Java.


Redisson provides Java based MapReduce programming model to process large amount of data stored in Redis.

Easy Java Redis client

Redisson could be used as just a Java client for Redis. It has zero learning curve and you don't need to know any Redis commands to start work with it.

Web session clustering

Web session clustering enable load balancing of user sessions. Redisson provides Redis based Tomcat Session Manager and Spring Session implementation.


Supported Redis configurations

Master / Slave


Automatic connection management
Synchronous interface
Asynchronous interface
Reactive interface
Supports Android platform
Supports OSGI
Supports SSL connection

Make the move

Considering moving from currently used Java Cache or In-Memory Data Grid solution?
We are able to help you!

Success stories

Moving from Hazelcast to Redis / Datorama

Distributed Locking with Redis (Migration from Hazelcast) / ContaAzul

Migrating from Coherence to Redis

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